1. Name and location:
Uppsala Senior University (U3A), Bergsbrunnagatan 1, 753 23 Uppsala, Sweden. Telephone: +46 18 24 35 01. Mail: usu@usu.se. Home page: www.usu.se

2. Membership:
Uppsala U3A started its activities in 1979. The actual number of members is approx. 4 000. The annual fee is SEK 250. This includes five magazines per year plus eight free seminars per term.

3. Activities:
There are three different kinds of activities:
Lecture series: 18 series per term each including 6 lectures at the cost of SEK 400. Most frequent areas are History, History of Art, History of Music, current research in Energy, Health and Environment issues and Political areas
Study circles: Nearly 90 circles each term (fees SEK 400-800 depending on the length of the series)

  • Natural and social sciences (including e.g. bird watching).
  • Languages – both modern and e.g. Latin (totally 12 different languages taught at different levels)
  • Music
  • Art
  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Choir-singing
  • Study visits and tours: (varied costs)
  • Study visits in Sweden and abroad, sometimes prepared through a study circle before the trip
  • Trips to cultural activites in Sweden like theatre and opera performances, concerts, museums, exhibitions

4. What I like best about my U3A
Meeting with new people and the wide range of activities.

5. My personal message
As an international coordinator of the Uppsala U3A, I hope to etablish links for exchange with other U3As in Europe. So please, let me know if any one of you would like to discuss this further.

Uppsala, Sweden July 2023
Eva Carlestål, Chairman of the International Working Group
Mail: e.carlestal@gmail.com

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